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What's Your Story?

Together, we will work to find what truly inspires you. You'll be able to cut through the noise, define your goals, identify and overcome obstacles to create a more authentic, fulfilled life.

Together at the Top

I can help you find deeper engagement in every area of your life.

Whether it's discussion sessions, journaling, physical movement, meditation, or a combination of these, we'll work within your comfort zone to help create the tools for you rise to the next level and live the life that inspires you!

Come ready to work, because your success takes focus and determination!


Looking to motivate and inspire staff?


As a 6 time, Emmy Award-winning sports producer with 20+ years of entertainment experience I've acquired the necessary tools to develop programs that offer insight into the mindset and how to tap into effective performance tools utilized by professional athletes on the world's greatest stages.

Choose the a program to enhance your corporate environment. 

Yoga Class Participants

The "What's Your Story" workshop is designed to bring into your community. 

Let's work together to create a private event in your home, community center, or local studio?

Other workshops I offer include mythological experiences, yoga asana, and transformational breath-work.

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