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Living on Purpose

The 30 Day Facebook Challenge

I’ve taken my years of study, my coaching and teaching skills, and the new workshop I’ve created and rolled it into one entertaining and inspiring month-long social media experience.


What the 30-day Facebook challenge is all about:


  • Each Sunday morning during the challenge, I’ll be holding a Facebook Live “mini-workshop” – 15+ minutes of teaching on that week’s topic.


  • Then, each day throughout the week, you’ll be assigned a new task, one thing to focus on / do for the day. It won’t take much time (who has much time to spare these days?) and by the way… change happens little by little.


  • You’ll also receive a bit of daily inspiration to go along with that week’s theme.


  • All along the way you’ll have the opportunity to share your assignments and experiences in the Facebook Forum, allowing for greater connection and encouragement from your virtual classmates.


These tools are intended to help you define your desires, create stronger focus, move you through “stuckness” and pop you one peg higher up on the ladder towards your greatest potential.

Participate in this online experience that will help you move closer to becoming a Brave, Bold Being.

Your investment in you?

$1 a day…30 days. 30 dollars.



For access to the closed Facebook community please email me at to sign up and write “30 Days” in the subject line.


Then send payment via :



PayPal  (friends and family)


Sign up now!

Here's a sample...

WEEK 3 - DAY 16.png
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